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9th to 12th grade.

The world has transformed, so has education.

Our high school proposal offers diverse programs to personalize and enrich the experience of each of our students.

No matter which of the 5 high school programs you choose, all our students have access to personalized College Counseling.

Which High School program is best for me?

High-Performance Academic High School

If you are seeking a world-class academic program recognized internationally.

Changemaker High School

If you want an innovative school, based on experiences, with practical classes and mentors who are leaders in the business, social, and creative fields.

Artistic High School

If you are passionate about performance, music, dance, visual arts, film, or photography and want to explore and perfect them while studying at a high-quality academic school.

Athletic High School

If you are a high-performance athlete looking for rigorous physical and sports training alongside with an excellent educational program.

Online High School

If you want freedom and flexibility to study from anywhere without sacrificing academic quality.


Nursery – Prefirst

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Grade 1st to 5th

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Middle School

Grade 6th to 8th

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High School

Grade 9th to 12th

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