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Nursery to Prefirst

Preschool is the child’s first important learning stage in the development of different skills!

It is here that they have their first contact with the outside world. Sharing, socializing, establishing boundaries and learning to follow rules are all part of this development. We focus especially on their social and emotional development in order to contribute to their healthy self-esteem, personal safety and adaptability.

While secular, the school still highlights universal values and ethical behavior on a daily basis in all aspects of school life.

We focus on:

  • Socio-Emotional development, working on self-esteem, self-confidence and the ability to cope in different situations.
  • Creativity and sensory development
  • Development of social skills, such as: sharing, socializing, establishing boundaries and respecting rules.
  • Improving the learning process: vocabulary comprehension and language usage as well as English phonemic awareness and phonics.


Nursery – Prefirst

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Grade 1st to 5th

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Middle School

Grade 6th to 8th

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High School

Grade 9th to 12th

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