Middle School

100% Bilingual + French class

6th to 8th grade

Welcome to Middle School! As children grow they enter this new exciting stage where they engage in new challenges and opportunities to fully develop their social-emotional potential as they become young adults. In middle school, the transition from childhood calls for specialized staff such as counselors, grade level coordinators and psychologists trained to address their specific developmental and emotional needs.

Having more specialized faculty and an extended schedule allows us to focus learning and tailor our curriculum, thus ensuring opportunities to enhance the educational experience for each student. Technological platforms and our Sierra tab program empower communication and make 24/7 learning possible preparing them for High School and beyond!

We focus on:

In our middle school, freedom comes with more responsibility. We focus our deep learning program on six main dimensions: creativity, collaboration, character development, communication, critical thinking and citizenship. Grade level coordinators and an integrated curriculum makes each class active and interdisciplinary through projects. Counselors also design individualized interventions to understand where each student is, directing our efforts for them to become proficient life-long learners.


Nursery – Prefirst

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Grade 1st to 5th

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Middle School

Grade 6th to 8th

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High School

Grade 9th to 12th

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